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A Miracle Called FACEBOOK

I remember while living in Madrid, Spain that a friend of a friend who worked in High Tech, sent me the invitation to become part of Facebook. That was long time ago if properly placed in contemporary anthropological context. 

I see what Facebook is right now and i feel some kind of Deja Vu'. It is quite interesting after being an enthusiastic explorer of every single tool of the platform. But, wait there; I am not here to tell you that Facebook ( as a Social Media Platform) is a failure. Not my mission at all. 

Yesterday I had a talk to someone related to facebook and I told him that the Platform is for me exactly as that cool nice book you read in the first year of college and placed in a corner of your room... for ages. You don't really touch it too much, except for few minutes that give you back a refreshing feeling of nostalgia... but you put it back soon to the same corner for another long time. You wish have the strengths for putting that dusty book on the garbage can, but just can't do it by your own. It is a miracle that the book is still there in a corner after so many years, the magic of useless nostalgic things. 

Facebook is right now that miracle, useless and nostalgic place for having a look once in a while and run away from it ASAP. 

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