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Useful tips for Etsy Beginners. Starting a business on eCommerce multivendor platforms

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

First your product must be of some interest, you must have a market for them. Before opening a store on Etsy, you should do a careful market study by your own and see if what you will sale has potential. If you are selling something without true market, you have a problem and doesn't matter how much you do, the product is not of public interest. In other words, Find Your Niche.

The second is the SEO architecture of your site. You need to know HOW to create a listing according to the algorithm of Etsy and Google search needs. Be aware that a big part of your potential customers will come from inside Etsy and your searches should always consider that double streams for customers, Etsy and Google. You need to study how other sellers selling similar items like yours are doing their SEO and their listings. Of course, you need to take as reference good sellers with a decent amount of orders verified. Check if you are creating your listing properly before spending money and time on marketing.

Now you know your product is good, has general public interest and your SEO is shining and sparkling perfection. Then move to a new step, social media marketing. How do yo do that? well, there is no BEST social media platform at all. Some stores do great in Instagram, others get their best from twitter, some others from facebook. You must test all the platforms and verify which one is the best. Only you can do that. Try always to move methodically, periodically and professionally in any of the platforms. I don't think anyone can tell you the best formula for making money, you will have some clues and will test if they are ok for you.

How to get sales on Etsy??? First try to see if previous steps are ok and also be sure that you have at least 3 months on Etsy with all perfectly done. Now, who are your first customers? MUST be your family. Who are the second customers? MUST be your friends. Who are your third customers? MUST be your neighbors. Who are your Xth customers? MUST be your workmates and the parents of your kids friends… The best way to start selling is going LOCAL, within your direct area of influence. There you will test the products and also your abilities as salesperson. That first customers must be so happy with their purchases that will provide you the first REVIEWS. That same reviews, will pull unknown customers to your store.

I guarantee you that if you fail on Etsy and you go to Shopify, Wix or Amazon and repeat same strategies you used on Etsy, then you will fail again. If you are succeeding on Etsy, you will own the world.

Etsy is a great school for entrepreneurs, eCommerce and small business owners or wannabe. Opening a store on Etsy will force you to learn and if the store do great, you will have an extra income and if do fantastic, you will have a decent income. People that dont succeed on Etsy usually blame Etsy, but the true is that many factors work against online business and the base of the problems are on the seller side. Before opening a store, you must study the market, you must test your products, you must create a genuine business plan. Etsy is a TOOL, you are the brain and the executor.

IMPORTANT: You must be ready for lows and highs in your sales and revenue. You need to work hard for predicting such lows. Work for YEARLY average income more than for monthly or weekly numbers.

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