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1927 Circulated 1 Cent Lincoln And Wheat Penny USA Coin

1927 Circulated 1 Cent Lincoln And Wheat Penny USA Coin

Mintage 144,440,000 units / Minted at Philadelphia / Designer Engraver Victor D Brenner / Metal Composition 95% Copper and 5% Tin and Zinc / Diameter 19 mm Mass / Weight 3.11 grams / All dimensions are approximate / Penny 1927 number 2 catalogue


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Even though it was minted across a long span of time, the coin is still a must-have for any coin collector today. It bears resemblance to the penny that is still being produced to this very day, however subtle differences increase both the value and intrigue tied to these pieces. On the coin’s obverse you will notice the familiar raised depiction of Abraham Lincoln, who is depicted in stunning detail. To the left of the President’s image will be a raised inscription which reads “Liberty,” while the 1927 year of minting will be listed to the depiction's right. Arching over the top outer edge of the coin will be the words “In God We Trust.”

The reverse of the 1927 Lincoln penny has raised inscriptions in the center. First is an inscription that marks the single-cent face value via the words “One Cent.” Directly below the face value is an inscription which reads “United States of America.” On either side of the central aspect of the coin will be two individual wheat stalks. These stalks help you understand why this coin is often referred to as the “Wheat Penny.” Rounding out the reverse side is an inscription of the Latin phrase “E Pluribus Unum.”


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