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A B C Shorthand Stenoscript By Manuel C Avancena Edition 1967 Book

A B C Shorthand Stenoscript By Manuel C Avancena Edition 1967 Book

Dimensions 8.5" x 5.5" inches / Weight 354 grams / All measures are approximate / Used vintage book, not new, very good vintage condition.


Stenoscript or Stenoscript ABC Shorthand is a shorthand system invented by Manuel C. Avancena (1923–1987) and first published in 1950. An unrelated project also called Stenoscript was written by George A.S. Oliver and published in London in 1934.
Stenoscript is written using traditional longhand cursive characters with a few variations and special symbols. Lower-case letters are used for phonetically spelling words. Upper-case letters have special meanings, for example F represents the suffix "-ful" or "-fully" and S represents the letter-pair st. Unless they are silent, vowels are written when they occur at the beginning or end of a word, but vowels within words are omitted: "bank" becomes bq. (The letter q represents the -nk sound.) Instead of writing -ed or -d at the end of a word, Stenoscript indicates the past tense of a verb by underlining the final letter of the stem.

The author claimed that a student of his system could "attain a speed of 80 words a minute with comparatively little effort" and that speeds of 100 to 120 words per minute could be reached after intensive study and drilling.

Stenographers, sometimes called court reporters, are responsible for court and medical transcription and live broadcast captioning for the deaf and elderly. They use shorthand and a steno machine to transcribe information and commit it to the public record.

Shorthand is an abbreviated symbolic writing method that increases speed and brevity of writing as compared to longhand, a more common method of writing a language. The process of writing in shorthand is called stenography, from the Greek stenos (narrow) and graphein (to write). It has also been called brachygraphy, from Greek brachys (short), and tachygraphy, from Greek tachys (swift, speedy), depending on whether compression or speed of writing is the goal.

Many forms of shorthand exist. A typical shorthand system provides symbols or abbreviations for words and common phrases, which can allow someone well-trained in the system to write as quickly as people speak. Abbreviation methods are alphabet-based and use different abbreviating approaches. Many journalists use shorthand writing to quickly take notes at press conferences or other similar scenarios. In the computerized world, several autocomplete programs, standalone or integrated in text editors, based on word lists, also include a shorthand function for frequently used phrases.


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