Tuareg Tribal Jewelry

Ancient Terracotta Trade Beads Necklace, Mali Tombs Clay Beaded Necklace

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This is a very long (38" inches with no clasp) beaded necklace made of linked African trade beads fastened with some kind of vegetable fiber treat. Multicolored and primitive with a gorgeous feeling of aristocratic age.
No doubts this very old and beautiful "African Trade" Necklace is unique. It is a total gorgeous piece of jewelry with some nice detailed beads for lovers of this kind of artwork. I am not an expert on African beads; all the info here probably is not accurate. The necklace has some beads dented or some partially broken, but in general look in a very good condition. Here the descriptions of beads grouped in 3 affinity groups:
1- Ancient Trade Route Tomb Beads Terracotta Clay Beads from Mali, West Africa. The small beads are dated around 500 years old and are coming from excavations. Beads are between 3 to 6mm diameters and 5 to 18mm lengths. Originals pieces very interesting and also very delicate.
2- Selection of some Old Venetian Trade Beads Yellow Clear Center, Stripe Eye, Italian Millefiori, Black Skunktube. Some Pieces are from late 1800s or very early 1900s. The Yellow beads dimensions varies from 8 to 9mm diameters and have between 6 to 12mm length.
3- True Antique Venetian African Trade Beads King, Eye yellow bead, Wound Glass small pieces. Some Pieces are from late 1800s or very early 1900s. The Dimensions varies from 8 to 22mm diameters and between 12-18mm length.

Wearable Length 38" inches / Weight 54 grams / All measurements are approximate


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