Ann Boyd

Ann Boyd by Will Nathaniel Harben Antique 1906 Victorian Novel Book

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Ann Boyd By William Nathaniel Harben (5 July 1858 - 7 August 1919) was one of the most popular American authors of the early 20th century. He specialized in stories about the people of the mountains of Northern Georgia. He was sometimes credited as Will N. Harben or Will Harben. Ann Boyd (1906 Novel) is one of Harben's strongest characters. She is an honest, perceptive, but bitter recluse who admits that she has "done more hating in my life than loving." Characters like Abner and Pole appear in several other novels. Harben's novel, Almost Persuaded (1890), was a religious novel. The novel gained enough attention that Queen Victoria requested a copy of it

Dimensions: 7.65” inches height, 5.0” width / Weight: 581 grams / All measures are an approximation
Used book with 100+ years old. Slight discoloration/fading and worn edges/corners. Decent shape, readable and will survive long time if it is well kept.


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