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Victorian Choker Necklace

Antique 1800s Victorian Mourning Jewelry Braided Woven Hair Choker Necklace

Dimensions, Length 17" inches and can be adjusted down to 15.25" inches by clasping into larger ring on chain. / Weight 20 grams / All measurements are approximate


Afterlife Religious Jewelry Antique 1800s Victorian Mourning Fashion Chain Necklace Handmade with Woven Braided Hair Work, Dark Goth Life After Death Handmade Hair Chain Choker, Hand Woven Human Hair, Rose Gold Filled Mounts, Brown Hair Watch Chain, Victorian Hair Jewelry, Antique Fashion Accessories, Victorian Period Jewelry Art

I never cease to marvel at Victorian mourning jewellery. I cannot imagine how these were made they are so intricate. Please zoom in on the photos and see how tiny the weave is. Amazing. This is a particularly detailed and fine example. This is a unique piece was handmade at some point around 1860s as a very personal memorabilia from a living person to his lover, husband or relative also alive; being ironical the fact that after some years or decades, this kind of hair art become a true testament and relic from deceased family members. The craftsmanship is perfect and astonishing. No loose hairs, held at each end with etched gold caps. Excellent overall condition, tiny highlight brassing to mounts, hardly any fraying. The toggle chain that allow to adjust length on the necklace is not original, maybe a replacement but looking quite new without wear


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