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Vintage African Necklace

Antique 1800s African Trade Beaded Necklace, Vintage African Ethnic Jewelry Art

Antique 1800s African Trade Necklace, Vintage African Beads Collection arranged as a Necklace, Sahara Desert Colorful Ethnic Necklace, Muslim Tuareg Tribal Jewelry, Venetian Glass Large Necklace, Primitive North African Folk Necklace, Handmade Multi Color Glass and Ceramic Necklace, Kwanzaa Afro American Gifts

This is a large beaded necklace made of linked African trade beads fastened with straw. Multicolored and primitive with a gorgeous feeling of aristocratic age. Throughout history the natural hues, shapes and craftsmanship of African Beads have recognized them as beautiful additions to symbolic adornments, as well as a useful format of trade currency from the 12th Century until late 19th Century. Prosser Beads are a prime example of a simple design once used as common currency. Now, these coveted beads are much loved for their worn appearance, uneven texture and historic value, a great format of bead for reproducing stunning tribal jewelry, for which Africa has become so well known.

Very old and beautiful African Trade Necklace. It is a total gorgeous piece of jewelry with some nice detailed beads for lovers of this kind of artwork. I can recognize some classics like:
1- Baule Brass Beads
2- Jumbo Chevron Krobo Powder Glass Beads
3- Antique White Green Heart Beads. Venetian glass trade beads. Venetian trade beads used in the African trade in the early 1800s.
4- Probably Russian Blue Glassed Glass. 
5- Akoso Powder Glass Beads in orange or perhaps old Yellow Venetian beads.
I am not an expert on African beads; all the info here probably is not accurate. The necklace has one bead dented or broken, but in general look in a very good condition. 

Wearable Length: 26" inches / Weight: 180 grams / All measurements are approximate


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