Antique 1800s Beaded Necklace, Tuareg Amber Jewelry, Old African Trade Beads

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One of the most impressive and beautiful "African Trade" Necklaces. It is a total gorgeous piece of jewelry with some nice detailed beads for lovers of this kind of artwork. I can recognize some classics like:

1- Venetian Special Murano Red Collection ( ‘Tic Tac Toe’ beads ). Glass striped and "eye beads" with red cores from Murano, Italy. Antique 1800s beads using designs from 13th-15th centuries.

2- The big huge central bead is a Morocco Phenolic Amber. African "amber" is not the true European ( Baltic ) or South American fossilized pine tree resin. Some were made from complicated mixtures of synthetic resin barrel beads, which were imported from Europe from the late 1800's onwards and fashioned into their many diverse designs by African craftsmen with many odd regional variations. Some kind of African amber are very old, difficult to find, increasingly valuable and highly collectable items.

3- Krobo Beads with two tones. Krobo powder glass beads are generally made in West Africa, specifically Ghana. These African beads are made by the Ashanti and Krobo tribes, and were made in the early 1900's.

4- Few pieces look like more contemporary Venetian Chevron, but I am not sure with exactitude.

5- Red Long Crystalized Clay beads almost sure from Mauritania; old but difficult to know the approximate age.

I am not an expert on African beads; all the info here probably is not accurate. The necklace has one bead dented or broken, but in general look in a very good condition.


Wearable Length: 28.5" inches / Weight: 175 grams / All measurements are approximate.



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