chinese export jewelry Silver And Bone

Antique 1800s Chinese Export Pendant Necklace Bone Amulet

Dimensions. Chain Length 19.5" inches / Width 32 millimeters / Height 35 millimeters / Weight 20 grams / All measures are approximate


Fantastic and rare collectible necklace! The diamond shaped Chinese Export pendant is a late 1800s sterling filigree Jurōjin cannetille and carved bone ShouXing Shouamulet piece with a detailed work of floral ornaments. The good luck God is a pretty exquisite miniature handcarved in bone. The sterling chain is a byzantine-rolo necklace also vintage and probably from Italy. In a very good antique condition.


About Shouxing - Old Man of the South Pole:
The Old Man of the South Pole is often depicted in the Chinese pictures as an old man with a long white beard, with a deer by his side. This style of picture is related to the story of an emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty who had invited such an old man from the street and later considered the old man as the sign of his longevity. Canopus ( the brightest star in the southern constellation of Carina) is usually called in Chinese the Star of the Old Man (in Chinese: 老人星) or the Star of the Old Man of the South Pole (in Chinese: 南极老人星). Since Carina is a Southern constellation, Canopus is rarely seen in Northern China and, if seen in good weather, looks reddish lying near the southern horizon. Because the color red is the symbol of happiness and longevity in China, Canopus is also known in China and its neighboring countries of Korea, Japan and Vietnam as the Star of Old Age (in Chinese: 寿星) or the Star of the Man of the Old Age (in Chinese: 寿老人). In Japan, it became Jurōjin (in Japanese: 寿老人), one of the Seven Gods of Fortune (in Japanese: 七福神).




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