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whitby jet necklace

Antique 1800s Victorian Whitby Jet Chain Necklace

Handmade Hand Carved Geometric Angular Chain Links, Rustic Rectangular Graduated CHain Necklace, Antique 1800s Victorian Period Mourning Jewelry made of Black Whitby Jet, Fossil Wood Necklace with Rustic Handmade Geometric Beads in One Strand Necklace, Lightweight Carved Fossil Whitby Jet Wood, Chunky Hand Carved Link Chain Necklace, Afterlife Religious Necklace, Dark Goth Jewelry, British Empire Jewelry Art, Collectors Jewelry, Made In UK


Length 18" inches / Width 12 millimeters / Weight 30 grams / All measurements are approximate


Piece of jewelry from 1870s and used in the First Period of Mourning. The necklace is a geometric rectangle (rare) link chain necklace. Each link was hand carved and has irregularities. You can see the texture of fossilized wood and the edged sharp. The necklace is very lightweight and has a dark brown almost black color. A nice and almost minimalist carved Whitby jet beaded Necklace can be used in weddings, religious activities and as mourning accessory. Pretty, and unique also.


The necklace doesn't look like vulcanite to me and it is definitely not a molded jewelry but hand carved. I can be wrong writing it is Whitby Jet, but it looks very much like that material and no other. Unlike most gemstones, Whitby Jet is actually fossilized wood, similar to our present day Monkey Puzzle or Araucaria Tree, which has been compressed over millions of years. It is smooth and very lightweight; a characteristic that enables even the most lavish designs to be worn in comfort, and it can take on an extremely high polish to the extent that it could even be used as a mirror.


This necklace is untested. The hook closure is kind of hard to pull but works perfectly and it is the original. 


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