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Japan Imari Arita Plate

Antique 1900s Blue and White Dish Charger, Treasure Ship Plate, Minogame Turtle

Large Charger Plate from late XIX Century or very early XX Century: Imari Arita Japanese blue transferware. The plate has an amazing detailed ornaments at edges and center. The Dish is full of symbols related to Good Luck, Fortune and Longevity like the Boat, the Turtle, the Old Pine tree and the Crane Birds are a typical symbols on Japanese traditions. The plate is in good condition without chips or breaks, however, it does have crazing noticeable in close up photos. The charger is not marked.

In Japanese folklore, the Takarabune (宝船) or Treasure Ship is a mythical ship piloted through the heavens by the Seven Lucky Gods during the first three days of the New Year. A picture of the ship forms an essential part of traditional Japanese New Year celebrations. During the first three days of the New Year the Seven Lucky Gods are said to pilot through the heavens and into human ports a mythical ship called the Takarabune, or Treasure Ship. The gods carry with them takaramono, or treasure things, including the hat of invisibility (kakuregasa), rolls of brocade (orimono), the inexhaustible purse (kanebukuro), the secret keys to the treasure shed of the gods (kagi), the scrolls of books of wisdom and life (makimono), the magic mallet (kozuchi), the lucky raincoat (kakuremino), the robe of fairy feathers (hagoromo), and the bag of fortune (nunobukuro). Many Takarabune prints show a crane above and a turtle below, representative of longevity and felicity, as well as a palindromic poem which tells of a long night in a boat. On awaking at dawn, everyone hears the sound of waves and sees smooth sailing ahead.

The minogame (蓑亀) turtle, which is so old it has a train of seaweed growing on its back, is a symbol of longevity and felicity. A minogame has an important role in the well-known legend of Urashima Tarō. According to traditional Japanese beliefs, the tortoise is a haven for immortals and the world mountain, and symbolizes longevity, good luck, and support. It is the symbol of Kumpira, the god of seafaring people.


Plate Diameter 12.5" inches / Weight 1150 grams or 2.55 lbs / All measurements are approximate.


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