The Song of Our Syrian Guest

Antique 1900s The Song of Our Syrian Guest, Psalm 23 Study by William A Knight

The Song of Our Syrian Guest, Psalm 23 Study by William Allen Knight, Antique 1900s Hard Cover Book, Illustrations by Harold Sichel, Arts and Crafts Drawings, Art Nouveau Cover Design, Small Inspirational Christian Literature, Biblical Literature Fables, Middle East Stories and Fables, Israel Christian Stories, Old Testament Fables, Book for Collectors in 1906 by Pilgrim Press Boston

Antique 1906 The Song Of Our Syrian Guest, William Allen Knight. Condition: Some binder and cover damage, discoloration and writing in book.

Frontispiece and decorations by Harold Sichel. Portion of 23rd Psalm is on page before frontispiece page. This slim volume is an interpretation of the Shepherd Psalm as told by a man whose home was among the Syrian shepherds. The author writes that it was told to him by a guest straight from David's land as they sat together one night over fragrant cups of tea.

William Allen Knight was a Christian inspirational classic author responsible for well known titles from early XX Century like "Outside a City Wall", "The Song of Our Syrian Guest", "No Room in the Inn" and "A Christmas Secret" as well as many more. He was notorious and respected being a surprise that his works are almost unknown for the general public today.

A Godspeed is fitting as a Pilgrim much journeying fares forth once more; and such is this little book. Of the memories that hover about the pen writing these lines, one only may have place on the page. It is of a day when this word came from a mountain village: "It has shown me the shepherd as a savior and the Savior as a Shepherd." Because some who will look upon these pages are in sick-rooms, some are lonely, being accompanied only by grief, some are poor and some for the time are misunderstood, some are rich and allured by many voices, some are discouraged and feel that they are little loved, some are young and cannot find their way because all have need of the Shepherds care, go, little Book, once more, bearing this token only.

Review from Barnes and Noble, "GREAT INSIGHT FOR CHURCH LEADERS", 5943 days ago, Guest:
"I have read this little book several times, and each time I enjoy it more than before. It gives great insight into the real world of shepherding from the land and time when shepherds did their job by LEADING their flocks rather than driving them. This is a concept that Jesus tried to instill in the apostles and others of his day. This is the concept that Paul, the apostle, tried to get Timothy and Titus to understand. It is the necessary ingredient for people to be elders or shepherds of God's flock here on earth."


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