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Phenolic Amber Beads

Antique African Trade Beads Phenolic Amber Necklace, Rustic Primitive Jewelry

Antique African Phenolic Amber Beaded Necklace, Rustic Primitive Necklace, Highly Collectible Resin Beads in a Single Strand, Vintage 1930s Tribal Boho Mauritanian Sourced Cognac Brown Phenolic Amber Beads, Big Bold African Jewelry, Rare Ethnic Collectible Jewelry

This is a truly impressive collection of faux amber beads from Mauritania. An authentic, collectible, opaque, cognac brown with dark butterscotch color phenolic resin amber bead sourced out of Mauritania. Much of the old African Amber is phenolic resin made from the 1920s to 1950's imitating Baltic amber. Made in Germany in the early decades of the 20th century, beads of this composition have been traded in Africa for over 100 years. The beads show crack that are part of the prove of their authenticity and overall the antiquity of them. One bead has a chip showed in one photo and there are other minor damages in some other beads, but the collection is in a great condition in general as you can see in the pics. 

I am not an expert on African beads; all the info here probably is not accurate.
Wearable Length: 24" inches / Weight: 184 grams / All measurements are approximate


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