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Antique Kina Shell Bib Necklace

Antique Kina Red Shell Jewelry Art, Papua New Guinea Tribal Bib Necklace

Papua New Guinea Ethnographic Antiques, Large Kina Red Shell Necklace, Old Rare Tribal Bib Necklace, Foi Tribe Ceremonial Art.


Ceremonial Foi Tribe accessories. Highly Collectible, very rare early 20th century Moka Kina red shell necklace from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. This large pectoral bib necklace or breastplate comprises a crescent form marine pearl segment with applied red pigment, pierced at either end and suspended from a wide fabric strap mounted with shells. Such shells were used for ornamentation but also as a form of currency and were traded many times over. This necklace would be a prestige piece worn at gatherings of the clans. The Highlands of Papua New Guinea are called the last of the Stone Age people since they had resisted civilization until after World War II when they were still using stone tools.

*Please keep Kina shells out of sunlight, or the resin will melt.Magnificent piece! Would be an amazing decoration for your bohemian house.


Shell measures 7.6" x 8.85" (19.3 x 22.5 cm) / Wearable Length: 26" inch / Weight: 280 grams
All measurements are approximate.


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