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Antique 1900s Tea Spoons

Baroque Lathed Column Small Coffee Spoons, Antique 1900s Victorian Tea Cutlery

Antique 1900s Art Nouveau Style Silver Cuttlery Set, Set of 5 Silver Spoons for Home Decor, Vintage Late Victorian Tea Spoons with Baroque Lathed Column Handlers,

A set of 5 spoons made at some point between late 1880s and early 1910s. The style is a classic neo-Baroque design used by late Victorians in very official environments (not domestic), for tea or coffee services; usually at parlour rooms. The spoons are made with a silver metal unknown to us, looking like sterling but without any mark or stamp and untested. The patina they have is very sterling like even-though, i see a couple of dark spots on some spoons that may show they are plated (personal opinion, untested). The design of the spoons is quite intriguing, looking like that Vatican's monuments in which you have the baroque column and at top a Corpus Christi symbol (like a star). The spoons are absolutely pretty and will add so much glamour to your table. In a Very Good vintage condition!

Dimensions 11.3 X 2 centimeters / Weight 55 grams / All measurements are approximate


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