mixed media sculpture art

Buddhist Shrine Architecture Project, Sculpture by Cuban Artist Conrado Maleta

Twin Miracle at Savatthi, Pagoda and Monastery, Buddhist Shrine Complex, Architecture Project near Gandhara, Ancient Kushan Empire, Abstract Sculpture Project, Biomorphic Modeled Sculptures, Metal Cages with Stands, White Synthetic Clay, Contemporary Art, Ancient History, Handmade Architecture Models, Handmade Metal Cages, Modern Minimalist Architecture, Abstract Organic Figurines, Organic Forms In Sculptures

"The Twin Miracle at Savatthi. Buddhist Monastery Complex near Gandhara, in times of the Kushan Empire." Multi Piece Sculptural Project. Brooklyn, NYC 2019.

Work done in New York, USA and one of the pieces of new art project close to architecture modeling. The present piece is a very abstract project for a complex of buddhist religious temple, monastery, meditation rooms and a pagoda. I am placing the architectural project in a far far Empire of Kushan around the 1rst Century AD. The emplacement should be a rocky landscape near Gandhara in today Peshawar. This is an art project not a shrine properly and has no intention for being used as a shrine but as an art object. This is an original artwork. Only one 1/1 of a kind. This is a VERY FRAGILE piece. This piece will age and change color to near yellow and also some cracks will appear in the modeled sculptures. The biggest of the cages is 16X16X12 centimeters.

The Twin Miracle, also called the Miracle at Savatthi, is one of the miracles of Gautama Buddha. Buddhists believe it was performed seven years after the Buddha's enlightenment, in the ancient Indian city of Savatthi. According to Buddhist texts, during the miracle the Buddha emitted fire from the top half of his body and water from the bottom half of his body simultaneously, before alternating them and then expanding them to illuminate the cosmos. The miracle was performed during a miracle contest between Gautama Buddha and six rival religious teachers, and is considered one of the Ten Indispensable Acts that all Buddhas are to perform during their lives. It is considered to have been Gautama Buddha's greatest miracle and something that can only be performed by fully enlightened Buddhas.


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