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Chimera is named YOU, Don Quixote Illustration, Contemporary Cuban Art Drawings

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Tittle, Mi Quimera eres TU ( My Chimera is named YOU). 2003

Here one of the examples of my very first works done in my Caribbean Communist Island of Cuba. I was at the last year of my college, studying Architecture but feeling extreme pressure all around me, specially because I was accused by some of the teachers of school of being "politically discomforted" and also "not enough compromised with the Cuban Revolution". I started to look for alternatives things that helped me dealing with stress and the harassment I was experiencing.

One famous painter of my city (Santiago de Cuba) called Botalin Pampin, had his studio near my home and I started coming to see him, talking and sharing time with him. After a while he asked me to bring him drawings, and he created some kind of scheduled program of work for me. I worked very hard and in the first year I did mainly natural charcoal drawings and pencil drawings from sizes coming from 2"x2" until pieces as big as 50"x30" inches. This famous painter was who prepared all in need for my admission in the national youth organization for contemporary arts in the country. I owe him a lot.

Anyway, this works are that very first pieces I did for him and under his guidance. The paper is not best quality but was what I found in the island, the condition today is good (some damage at edges), but notice this works have 15 years old and had truly accidental life, smuggled put of the island a year ago and almost unexpectedly surviving many adventures. 

Approx 27" x 40" inches, 2003. This is an original art work. Only one 1/1 of a kind.


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