Rare Chinese Wooden Vase

Chinese Bamboo Brush Pot, Antique 1800s Vase, Carved Bamboo Storage Container

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Width 5.3 " inches / Length 5.1" inches / Height 10.2" inches / Weight 23.98 oz or 680 grams / All dimensions are approximate

This is a Antique Chinese Bamboo Brush Pot, relatively large and very heavy from early 1800s. This item is absolutely gorgeous, it's ornate all over with beautiful Chinese Art work. Finely hand carved in high relief and undercut with 'Five Sages of the Bamboo Grove', the carved figures are shown at various pursuits. Inside you have short deep zinc metal vase. The wood has several marks of wood eating worms all of them covered with beeswax. The crack on the vase are normal for the age and are part of the details used to prove the age of the item. The price i am asking for the item is according to the condition here stated. Please see pics for more detail. 



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