Conrado Maleta Artist

Contemporary Cuban Art Paintings on Recycled Paper

All that remains is Silence, Original Art by Independent Artist, Diptych on Recycled Paper, Informal Expressionist Painting, New Architecture Inspired Drawings, Gold Neo Byzantine Paintings, Naive Car Drawing, Handmade Home Decor, Contemporary Jewish Expressionism Art, Drawings on Recycled Book Pages, Indoor architecture, Art of Interiors, Colorful Acrylic Paintings on Paper, Modern Mixed Media Art, Recycle art

Title, All that remains is Silence. 2018

A new group of works done in Brooklyn NYC in 2018. I am enjoying a lot this paintings made recycling the book pages and I believe they are some kind of training for my next project in bigger sizes. I feel less influence of my years in Israel and more dryness and coldness from New York. I am having a weird 2018 year, it is like a weird mix between fatherhood, over excitement with my brain imaginary activity and also a lot of exhausted disappointment. It is like if living in Brooklyn is same as watching my best dream but very much in slow motion; feling desperate and sometimes simply bothered by a mediocre boredom. Anyway, I had the idea of translating my fatherhood experiences into paintings but no, doesn't work like that hahahaha. At end when I sit and start drawing, it is all out of my control. Here an example of that new attempts to track my existence. 

I will recommend framing this works in a shadow box, keeping lot of space around and also separating the works from the background and the glass, like floating on air. Approximate 19" x 13" inches, 2018. This is an original art work. Only one 1/1 of a kind


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