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Deep Bowl Handmade Glass Art Signed Jim Connie Grant Celestial Arts

Deep Bowl Handmade Glass Art Signed Jim Connie Grant Celestial Arts

Measurements 6.25” inches or 16.50 cm height / Diameter 8” inches or 20.35cm / Weight 1060 Grams / All measurements are approximate


RARE PIECE FOR COLLECTORS! Handmade Abstract Modern Blown Glass Bowl, Red Veins Glass Vase, Jim and Connie Grant, Celestial Arts Glass Studio Biomorphic Deep Bowl, Mid Century Modernist Home Decor, Vintage 1970s Glass Dish, Signed Grant Glass Artwork, American Glass Artisans, Rustic Abstract Hand Blown Glass Vase, Modernist Glass Flower Vase Centerpiece, Furnace Worked Glass, Colored Glass Vase, Vintage Organic Artsy Vase, Art Nouveau Look Glass, Traditional Handmade Glass

Impressive Mid Century American Glass artwork signed as Grant. Vintage 1970s Glass bowl with red veins and a smoked glass produced by Jim and Connie Grant of Celestial Arts Glass Studio. The organic style and signature are from early years of their remarkable career. The Grants were educated in Berkeley and have been blowing glass together for over 30 years. The piece is noteworthy for its biomorphic shape and pattern. In excellent condition with no chips, bites, or repairs. A highly aesthetic and finely crafted work created by well-respected 20th century glass blowers, and a worthy addition to your collection of 20th Century Studio Glass.


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