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Dorothy Dainty At School By Amy Brooks With Illustrations

Dorothy Dainty At School By Amy Brooks With Illustrations Boston 1904 Book

Dimensions 7.75" x 5.5" inches / Weight 459 grams / All measures are approximate / Used vintage book, not new, as is.


From the Dorothy Dainty series for youth. Published from 1902-1923, the Dorothy Dainty series followed the adventures of its heroine, the only child of wealthy parents. Rare find! Antique hardcover book with cameo portrait embossed on the cover. The font is a bit larger size. Reviews:

"Little Dorothy Dainty is one of the most generous-hearted of children. Selfishness is not at all a trait of hers, and she knows the value of making sunshine, not alone in her own heart, but for her neighborhood and friends." Boston Courier

"Dorothy Dainty , a little girl, the only child of wealthy parents, is an exceedingly interesting character, and her earnest and interesting life is full of action and suitable adventure." Pittsburgh Christian Advocate

"No finer little lady than Dorothy Dainty was ever placed in a book for children." Teachers' Journal, Pittsburgh

"Miss Brooks is a popular writer for the very little folks who can read. She has an immense sympathy for the children, and her stories never fail to be amusing." Rochester (N.Y.) Herald


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