Vintage Fiji Islands Original Painting

Fiji Islands Tapa Bark Cloth Painting With Geometric Tribal Ethnic Motif

Dimensions 17.75" x 11.25" inches / All measurements are approximate / In a very good vintage condition!


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A beautiful handmade piece of Tapa bark Cloth made in Fiji (Fidji) islands. Mamanu Siapo (paper Mulberry tree), is one of the oldest Polynesian cultural art forms. For centuries, Siapo (Tapa) has been passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, it is becoming a lost art. Siapo is not only a decorative art, it is a symbol of Polynesian culture. It is used for clothing, burial shrouds, bed covers, ceremonial garments, and much more. The dyes used in Siapo-Tapa also come from nature. The dyes are o'a, lama, loa, ago and soa'a. O'a is the brown dye and is the base for all other dyes. It is extracted from the bark of the Blood tree.



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