Vintage Elk Tooth Cufflinks

German Bavaria Jagdschmuck Folk Jewelry Vintage Elk Tooth and Acorn Cufflinks

German Bavaria Jagdschmuck Folk Jewelry, Vintage Elk Tooth and Acorn Cufflinks, German 835 Continental Sterling Silver Jewelry, Natural Deer Bone Teeth Grandeln Hunting Trophies, Retro Mens Fashion Accessories, Folk Europe Wedding Jewelry, Germanic Druidic Amulets

Very nice and impressive pair of cufflinks made in Bavaria Germany with continental silver 835 sterling and elk tooth accents. This kind of jewelry belongs to the most ancient Germanic folk traditions; very extended in the upper high class of XIX century Europe mainly because the royals houses during Victorian period where all of Germanic origin or directly related to them. This Elks tooth clip-on Earrings are in beautiful vintage condition. The front of the earrings have sculptural details of an acorn and oak leaves beautifully crafted. There are light scratches and stain on the gold on the Earrings. The small teeth on this pieces are striking. 
"Grandeln" in German is the canine teeth of a deer. They are considered as hunting trophies and were (and still are) commonly used in folkloristic jewelry in Bavaria, Austria etc. The oak leaf and acorn motif is another key element of this type of jewelry and it is a pre-Christian symbol of fertility. 


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