MCM Menorah Flame by Yehiel Hadany Israel

MCM Yehiel Hadany Hanukkah Menorah Candle Holder Israel Judaica Art

Height 9.25" inches / Width 10.5" inches / Depth 3.25" inches / Weight 754 grams / All measurements are approximate / Used but in great vintage condition


MCM Menorah Flame By Yehiel Hadany Israel, Gold Plated and Green Enamel, לך נאה לשבח ,Maoz Tzur Yshuati Lecha Naeh Lshabeiach, Israel Modernist Brass Hanukiah, Vintage Jewish 9 Branches Modernist Candelabra, Judaica Accessories Chanukkah Candleholder, Hebrew Quote Candle Holder, Religious Accessories, Mid Century Home Decor, Middle East Spiritual Decor

This is a piece for collectors due the difficulty for finding menorah done by Yehiel Hadany Arts and Crafts of Jerusalem Israel. The Hebrew text shaped as flame is : לך נאה לשבח
Maoz Tzur Y’shuati Lecha Naeh L’shabeiach

A Hanukiah is a type of candelabra, with nine candle holders. Eight candles are in a line and the ninth candle is out of place, either at a different height or in a different position on the Hanukiah. The Hanukiah represent the miracle of the oil burning for eight days instead of one. Every day of Hanukkah Jewish families get together at sunset and light the Hanukiah, one day at a time so that on the eighth day, all the candles are burning bright. The one candle that is out of place is known as the service candle or in Hebrew the ‘Shamash’. It is used to light all the other candles on the Hanukiah and it should be lit first.
The difference between the Hanukiah and Menorah is that the Hanukiah is lit on the festival of Hanukkah and the Menorah is not. In addition, the Menorah has fewer branches than the Hanukiah and does not have an out of place ‘Shamash’. The menorah is just a symbol representing the Jewish faith.


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