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Jaguar Gold Fill Cufflinks And Tie Pin

Mid Century Jaguar Cufflinks And Tie Pin Gold Metal Aventurine Alchemist Glass

Diameter 0.86" inches or 2.2 cm / Weight 14 grams / All measurements are approximate


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RARE pair of large round cuff links and a tie pin. This fancy set is gold filled and features sparkling copper tone Aventurine Alchemist Glass. Signed PAT 2472358 (shared by many artisans until they got their brand registered), Gold Filled and Jaguar.
In good vintage condition. Gold is lost on the edges.

There are a few stories of alchemist monks attempting to make gold (some are French Monks, some Italian Monks) and in the process either a monk or a general worker accidentally knocked some copper shavings into a pot of molten glass…hence to variations of how it came about its name. Historically known as Aventurine Glass (From the Italian ‘avventurina’ meaning “accidental”). The “recipe” was kept secret until sometime in the early 19th century when the information was shared and others began producing this beautiful ornament.


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