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Mrs Catherine Gladstone Antique 1890s British Pottery Escalloped Gilt Plate

Mrs Catherine Gladstone Antique 1890s British Pottery Escalloped Gilt Plate

Plates measure approx 9.5" across / Measurements are approximate / Underside base rims have holes for inserting hanging cord / Very good antique condition, no nicks or dings but some rubs on edge.


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Catherine Gladstone (née Glynne; 6 January 1812 – 14 June 1900) was the wife of British statesman William Ewart Gladstone for 59 years, from 1839 until his death in 1898. "Catherine Gladstone", wrote Masterman, "was one of those informal geniuses who conduct life, and with complete success, on what the poverty of language compels me to call a method of their own."

She was "like a fresh breeze" wherever she went and could, wrote a friend, grasp the subject of a discussion in "a few minutes' airy inattention". Unlike her husband, she was a notoriously untidy person, habitually leaving her letters strewn on the floor in the well-founded faith that someone would eventually pick them up and post them. Her chests of drawers were similarly messy, and she was rarely much bothered with fancy attire. "What a bore you would have been," she teased her husband, "if you had married someone as tidy as you are."

If her own life was always somewhat dishevelled, she went to great pains to improve the lives of others as a founder of convalescent homes, orphanages and the like.


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