Old Man And Child Shouxing Stellar God Wanjiang Chinese Mudman Figurine

Old Man And Child Shouxing Stellar God Wanjiang Chinese Mudman Figurine

Dimensions 10" x 6.5" x 3.75" inches / Weight 1270 grams, HEAVY ITEM / All measurements are approximate / Item in EXCELLENT vintage condition


RARE PIECE. This medium sized mud figurine has incredible beautiful details. It seems to me that this is a representation of Shouxing, the god that helps to achieve longevity.


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Shouxing also know as Shou Hsing, in Chinese mythology, one of three stellar gods known collectively as Fulushou. He was also called Nanji Laoren (“Old Man of the South Pole”). Though greatly revered as the god of longevity (shou), Shouxing has no temples. Instead, birthday parties for elders provide a fitting time for visitors to bow before his statue, which is draped in embroidered silk robes. Artistic representations often depict Shouxing as a bearded old man with a high brow and a crooked staff in one hand. He holds the peach of immortality in his other hand. A stork or turtle is often added as a further symbol of longevity, which the Chinese view as a special blessing.


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