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Imari Arita Plate Dish

Ox Cart Painting in a Landscape, Antique 1900s Oriental Japanese Imari Plate

Antique 1900s Oriental Asian Imari Arita Plate Dish with Blue Transferware Art representing an Ox Cart Painting in a Japanese Landscape with a Cherry Blossom and Old Pine Tree, Large Blue and White Porcelain Plate Charger, Vintage Japan Home Decor, Summer Nostalgia, Haiku Poetry Allegory, Japanese Porcelain Meiji Period Arita Plater, Asian Antiques and Collectibles

Large Charger Plate designed at late XIX Century or very early XX Century: Imari Arita Japanese blue transferware unsigned unverified. The plate has an amazing detailed ornaments at edges and center. The plate is in very good condition without chips or breaks, however, it does have crazing noticeable in close up photos. The charger is not marked. This plate is unusual and special in its design. The painting is an abstract reference to Summer Season. It comes from a fragment of a Renku haiku poem "Lamenting Spring", written as a collaboration between the 3 most famous poets of the late XVIII Century in Japan: Buson, Kito' and Tairo. 

Unohana saseru / Adorned with deutzia flowers
Kuruma hikisute / the cart is left abandoned

The aspect of an empty ox cart of the kind used by Heian period nobility, decorated with deutzia flowers and abandoned somewhere, gives a refreshing impression. (Terouka). It is probably with a feeling of regret that one abandons the decorated cart here, and this interacts with the uneasiness of the moon in the short summer night (Nomura). The use of Deutzia flowers relate the poem to the mature beauty of summer season. The RENKU sequence was composed in the spring of 1778 under the name of "Lamenting Spring". On the ninth day of the third month this year, Buson and Kito', who both lived in Kyoto, departed on a short journey southward to the bustling commercial city of Osaka. After several changes of locations and some days later, on the thirteenth, they met with Tairo, who had moved to Hyogo five years before. It was on this occasion that this piece of Renku was composed, starting with Kito's HOKKU. Both Kito' and Tairo belonged to the most talented of Buson's disciples, but at this time they had become independent poets with their own groups of followers. 

Diameter 12.5" inches / Weight 1150 grams or 2.55 lbs / All dimensions are approximate


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