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Rajasthan Wooden Sculpture

Rajasthan Sitar Player Sculpture Folk India Art Man Musician

Dimensions 13.5" x 8" x 7.5" inches / Weight 2407 grams or 5.3 Lb / All measurements are approximate


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Hand painted wooden sculpture of Indian musician by unknown artist, made in early to mid 20th Century. Very fun, colorful sculpture of a man playing a Sitar in yellow and red tones. There is obvious wear on the sculpture, mostly in the form of peeling paint. The wood revealed underneath however, does show that this piece is of some age. The figure has a typed label which only remains in parts, but the above fragment probably reads export, while the label underneath clearly reads Delhi as its place of origin. The statute was probably not carved from one piece, but was carved in different segments and then assembled before painting. There are seams or joints where this can be discerned. 
It is a nice addition to a rustic ethnic house decoration project with so much charm that people will fall in love with automatically! 


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