The Autocrat Of The Breakfast Table

The Autocrat Of The Breakfast Table By Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Used book with 100+ years old. Slight discoloration/fading and worn edges/corners. In a general good antique condition. Readable and with paper in strong good condition, can perfectly survive another 100 years! 
Dimensions 6.25” x 4.25” / Weight 193 grams / All measurements are an approximate

The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table (1858) is a collection of essays written by Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. The essays were originally published in The Atlantic Monthly in 1857 and 1858 before being collected in book form. The author had written two essays with the same name which were published in the earlier The New-England Magazine in November 1831 and February 1832, which are alluded to in a mention of an "interruption" at the start of the very first essay. The essays take the form of a chiefly one-sided dialogue between the unnamed Author and the other residents of a New England boarding house who are known only by their profession, location at the table or other defining characteristics. The topics discussed range from an essay on the unexpected benefits of old age to the finest place to site a dwelling and comments on the nature of conversation itself. The tone of the book is distinctly Yankee and takes a seriocomic approach to the subject matter. Each essay typically ends with a poem on the theme of the essay. There are also poems ostensibly written by the fictional disputants scattered throughout.

Philadelphia: Henry Altemus, 1894. Hardcover. Publisher's faux leather binding of brown cloth with gilt-stamped spine title; gilt-, red-, and green-stamped decoration on spine and front cover. Title page in red and green. No date of publication but known to be one of first titles in the publisher's New Illustrated Vademecum Series, which was published from 1894 to 1898. 


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