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The Invaders Alien Missile Threat by Paul S Newman, Children Literature Book

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Dimensions 5" x 3.75" x 0.8" inches / Weight 102 grams / All measures are approximate

Released in 1967. Paul S Newman was an award winning comics writer who was extremely prolific though not well remembered today. The late 1960s Big Little Books were terrific little hardback volumes that had text on the even-numbered pages and full-color illustrations on the facing odd-number pages. (And they were all yours for only 39 cents!) The artists, unfortunately, were not credited. Alien Missile Threat is a good David Vincent adventure with nice illustrations (cool UFO on page 225!), which struck me as being pretty true to the tv series. There's a heroic lady named Myra who teams with David to save her husband and thwart the invaders, but unfortunately she's overwhelmed by it all and develops amnesia, which seems to me to be a very poor plotting choice, but on the plus side the possessed deputy is named Gort. You can't go wrong with Gort.

The book is old and used but still in decent condition and readable. Has some damage in the hardcover as you can see at pics. In a good overall condition!


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