The Road to Calvary by Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy Vintage Book Trilogy Novel

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Dimensions 8.5” inches height, 5.85” width / Weight 1026 grams / All measures are an approximation
Used book with 70+ years old. Slight discoloration/fading and worn edges/corners. Decent shape, readable and will survive long time if it is well kept. 

The Road to Calvary is a trilogy of novels by Aleksey N Tolstoy, tracing the fate of the Russian intelligentsia on the eve, during and after the revolutionary events of 1917. It consists of the novels "Sisters" (1921-1922), "The Eighteenth Year" (1927-1928) and "Gloomy Morning" (1940-1941).

PLOT: In the first chapters of the epic, St. Petersburg is shown in the beginning of 1914. Sisters Dasha and Katya Bulaviny, originally from Samara, are carried away by the poet-decadent Bessonoff. Katya has an illicit affair behind her husband's back, lawyer Smokovnikov. Over time, Ekaterina Dmitrievna falls in love with officer Vadim Roshchin, and Dasha - with Telegin, an engineer at the Baltic plant. Vortices of the World War, two revolutions and civil war carry the four main characters to different corners of the country. Their paths intersect more than once and again diverge. Roshchin joins the Volunteer Army, and Telegin joins the Red Army. At the end of the war, all four meet in the capital of Soviet Russia, where in the presence of Lenin and Stalin are enthusiastically listening to Krzhizhanovsky's historic report on the GOELRO plan. 
For his trilogy Alexey Tolstoy was awarded the Stalin Prize of the first degree in the amount of 100,000 rubles on March 19, 1943, which he transferred to the Defense Fund for the construction of the tank "Grozny".


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