Triptych Surreal Paintings

Triptych Paintings on Wood Panel by Cuban Artist Conrado Maleta

Large Triptych Paintings on Wood Panels made the Artist Conrado Maleta, Portrait of a Couple as Adam and Eve, Pregnant Woman with Fancy Green Dress, The Art of Interiors Architecture Drawings

Tittle: New York's problems. My home at Brooklyn looks messy; the job is far away and my loved one is just a melancholic and pregnant lady with no sense of pragmatism at all.

This group of works are my first production done in New York City at 2012-2013. They are done using pieces of wood found on streets, recycling materials as support for the work. The theme is a follow up of my works done in Jerusalem previously but interesting (to me), I added much more "architecture" on this works. Maybe influenced by my new environment of block of flats and noisy neighbors and loneliness surrounded by millions of people in New York City. I have particular affection for this works because they really describe a deep state of mind on me as well as my first step in fatherhood.

Once again I wish explain that my goal is never a fully accurate technique or style. I am not very interested in skills or manuality but strictly in the expression of my mind and feelings. Do not expect on my works something like academic skills. Not in my interest. All I am interested is a speech, a lecture, a narrative. 

Approximate 49" x 36" inches and VERY HEAVY, 2013. This is an original art work. Only one 1/1 of a kind.
All measurements are approximate


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