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victorian operculum cufflinks

Victorian Operculum Shell Cufflinks and Tie Pin

Antique 1920s Victorian Operculum Mens Cufflinks and Tie Pin Set, Shiva Shell Eye Eyeball Cuff Links, Sterling Silver Large Oval Cufflinks, Gold Gilt Round Shell Tie Pin, Guardian Eye Mens Jewelry, Eye Of Protection Jewelry, Chinese Cats Eye Stone, Green Brown White Stone, Suit Accessories, Evil Eye Silver Cufflinks, Good Fortune, Antique Victorian Operculum Jewelry, Snail Shell Jewelry

Beautiful antique 1920s cufflinks and tie pin set. The cufflinks feature large oval operculum shell. The metal is sterling silver and the shell is from a green turban snail from the south seas. It is sometimes called cat's eye or shiva's eye. The tie pin is gold gilt and feature round operculum shell.
One cufflink has a tiny chip (see photos), some surface scratches, patina on silver. Other wise- in a very good vintage condition!

Operculum shells became a popular jewelry motif toward the end of the 19th century. When removed they form these beautiful colored cabochons. Due to their resembled to eyes these are also known as "evil eyes'" or "cats eyes" and were thought to bring protection to the wearer, both from the idea that the snails shell is protective and traditional ideas about the evil eye warding off bad luck. 

Cufflinks dimensions 1" x 0.94" inches or 2.7 x 2.4 cm / Tie pin diameter 11 mm / Total weight 26 grams
All measurements are approximate


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