Timor Island Jewelry

Vintage 1930s Timor Island Atoni People Tribal Silver Metal Alloy Cuff Bracelet

Vintage Timor Island Atoni People Tribal Silver Metal Alloy Cuff Bracelet for Adult Woman or Young Warrior, Ethnic Islanders Ethnographic Artifact from Early 20th Century, Antique 1930s Rustic Bangle Bracelet Used as Infantry Weapon, Rare Ethnic Collectibles

Dimensions, Wearable Length 6.5" inches , Gap 0.77" inches, Weight of 63 grams, All measurements are approximate

Antique sand cast silver metal bangle cuff from West Timor, Indonesia, Made in the early 20th C. by the Highland Atoni People. This is an unusual traditional mixed metal bracelet. Timorese people were tiny by today's standard and the bracelet would have been worn by adult men or women. Sometimes called 'Warrior' bracelets, these bracelets were designed to be worn for battle. They protect the wearer and also to act as offensive weapons in hand-to-hand combat. This is a fantastic piece for a collector and have indisputable pure and wild beauty.


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