Vintage 1960s Start Nye Jewelry Dogwood Flower Brooch Pin Sterling Silver

Large Elongated Dogwood Flower Brooch Pin signed by Stuart Nye, Vintage 1960s Art NOuveau Style Jewelry, 925 Sterling Silver Hallmarked Mid Century Fashion Jewelry


What Does the Dogwood Flower Mean? None of the Dogwood species currently growing are native to the Middle East where Christianity first developed. However, the same symbolism is generally applied to all types of Dogwoods regardless of native status. This tree means:

Rebirth and resurrection, particularly through the story of Jesus Christ; Christianity as a whole; Pity and regret over a specific decision or a situation that was beyond your control; Durability and reliability; Strength and resilience; Purity, especially in a religious or spiritual sense; A signal of affection to someone who may not reciprocate it.


The Victorians did ascribe an extra meaning to the flower because the story tying the tree to the Crucifixion wasn’t written yet. A bachelor would offer a Dogwood flower sprig to a woman he felt affection towards and waited for a response. If the flower was returned, he was out of luck. A woman keeping the flower signaled an interest or mutual attraction. The flower was also a symbol of reliability and durability during that era due to the strength of the wood.

Very elegant and delicate piece of American Jewelry by Stuart Nye Artisan. Original really vintage item. This BROOCH is in a very good pre worn condition with small surface scratches. In a Very Good Vintage condition!


Dimensions: 3" x 0.85" inches / Weight: 5 grams / All Dimensions are approximate


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