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Gift From The Mikado

Vintage Childrens Literature, Illustrated Kids Book, Old 1950s Japan Book

Vintage Mid Century Childrens Literature in English, Illustrated Japan Travel Book from the 1950s, Gift From The Mikado by Elizabeth Fleming.

Christian Missionary Fiction Tales signed by Elizabeth Fleming and illustrated by Janet Smalley; this hardcover book was published in the 1950s in the United States. 

Fred was a boy whose father was affiliated with a Japanese university at the turn of the century. The author, daughter of missionary parents in Morioka, brings authenticity to the story of life in a happy American family who serve and find satisfaction in life in Japan. The reader sees the great excitement of Japanese children encountering their first American bicycle and shares the joy of O Yuki-san, the servant reunited through the family's efforts with her long-lost son, Bunji. A gift from the Mikado, a lacquer cabinet, gives the Americans status and to the circle of even conservative, anti-American families, like that of Baron Hidegawa. Though the story lacks a climax, there is enough excitement with the capture of a robber and the dangerous escapades of Fred, to sustain interest. Throughout there is a pleasant homely pattern of faith in God and international good-will.

Condition: The paper jacket cover is damaged but still is there. The book properly has minor signs of wear and age and overall is in a Very Good Vintage Condition. 

Philadelphia: Westminster Press. 1958. First Edition and First Printing. Hardcover with dust jacket. Dimensions 8.5" X 5.9" X 0.55" inches / Weight 270 grams / All measurements are approximate



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