Dunlap Supreme fedora hat

Vintage Dunlap Supreme Fedora Hat Size M

Hat Size Medium 7.25 / Dimensions 11" X 9.75" inches. Inside 22.25" inches all around / All measurements are approximate


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Beautiful pale green Fedora hat with ribbon band and feathers. Dunlap Supreme New York Fedora in overall very good condition. A great piece with a very nice look. Dunlap Supreme New York Fedora size S medium 7 1/2.

The word fedora comes from the title of an 1882 play by dramatist Victorien Sardou, Fédora being written for Sarah Bernhardt. The play was first performed in the United States in 1889. Bernhardt played Princess Fédora, the heroine of the play. During the play, Bernhardt – a notorious cross-dresser – wore a center-creased, soft brimmed hat. The hat was fashionable for women, and the women's rights movement adopted it as a symbol. After Prince Edward of Britain started wearing them in 1924, it became popular among men for its stylishness and its ability to protect the wearer's head from the wind and weather. Since the early part of the 20th century, many Haredi and other Orthodox Jews have made black fedoras normal to their daily wear. Today is a primary accessory for Hipsters and Indie subcultures. 


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