Vintage Mid Century Asia Oriental Japan Black Velvet Scroll Art Wall Decor

Japan Black Velvet Scroll Tapestry, Set of Two Pieces of Wall Decor, Vintage Colorful Sparkling Wall Hanging, Mount Fuji Volcano, Buddhist Pagoda Tower, Geisha Woman In Kimono, Todai Ji Temple Architecture, Collectible 1960s Souvenir Of Japan, Long Orient Tapestry Banner, Painted Cloth Japanese Poster, Long Narrow Tapestry Scroll Banner, Multi Color Painting on Canvas

Dimensions 32" x 11" Inches / All measurements are approximate

Very beautiful set of two black velvet scroll banners painted in a colorful folk design with several icons of Japan. The artworks are gorgeous and colors are very impressive. Some normal wear and age on both pieces but in a general very good vintage condition.

Sensō-ji ( Kinryū-zan Sensō-ji) is an ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. It is Tokyo's oldest temple, and one of its most significant. Formerly associated with the Tendai sect of Buddhism, it became independent after World War II. Adjacent to the temple is a five-story pagoda, Shinto shrine, the Asakusa Shrine, as well as many shops with traditional goods in the Nakamise-dōri. The Sensoji Kannon temple is dedicated to Kannon Bosatsu, the Bodhisattva of compassion, and is the most widely visited spiritual site in the world with over 30 million visitors annually. It's also famous for adopting the advanced technologies to maintain the traditional architectures with a roof made of Titanium.

Tōdai-ji ( Eastern Great Temple) is a Buddhist temple complex that was once one of the powerful Seven Great Temples, located in the city of Nara, Japan. Its Great Buddha Hall ( Daibutsuden) houses the world's largest bronze statue of the Buddha Vairocana, known in Japanese as Daibutsu. The temple also serves as the Japanese headquarters of the Kegon school of Buddhism. The temple is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site as one of the "Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara", together with seven other sites including temples, shrines and places in the city of Nara. Deer, regarded as messengers of the gods in the Shinto religion, roam the grounds freely. 

The Shinkyo Bridge ( Shinkyō, sacred bridge) stands at the entrance to Nikko's shrines and temples, and technically belongs to Futarasan Shrine. The bridge is ranked as one of Japan's three finest bridges together with Iwakuni's Kintaikyo and Saruhashi in Yamanashi Prefecture. The current Shinkyo was constructed in 1636.


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