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antique vulcanite necklace

Vulcanite Mariner Chain Necklace Victorian Jewelry

Brown Pressed Vulcanite Mariner Chain Necklace, Antique 1800s Victorian Period Mourning Jewelry, Oval Links in One Strand Necklace, Lightweight Chunky Link Chain Necklace, Large Geometric Chain Necklace, Antique 1800s Mourning Choker Afterlife Religious Jewelry, Life After Death Memorabilia, Dark Goth Jewelry, British Empire Jewelry Art, Collectors Jewelry, Made In UK

Length 20" inches / Weight 40 grams / All measurements are approximate

Piece of jewelry from 1870s and used in the Second Period of Mourning. The necklace is a geometric mariner rolo link chain necklace. Each link was molded and have a beautiful smooth finish and shape. You can see the texture of fossilized wood and the edged sharp. The necklace is very lightweight and has a dark brown to black color. A nice and almost minimalist Necklace can be used in weddings, religious activities and as mourning accessory. Pretty, and unique also.


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