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Wood Nut Hediao Beaded Necklace Victorian Jewelry

Victorian Beaded Necklace for Mourning Period, Antique 1800s French Glass Jet and Lightweight Carved Wood Nut Hediao Beads Qing China period, European XIX Century Fashion Accessories, Afterlife Religious Necklace, Life After Death, Dark Goth Jewelry, British Empire Jewelry Art, Collectors Jewelry,


Length 23" inches / Weight 44 grams / All measurements are approximate


Piece of jewelry from the late 1800s and used in Mourning periods. This necklace has alternating two different beads, one is a faceted pressed french jet glass bead of small size; the second beads are rare unusual carved wood or Nut Hediao Beads from late Qing China period and painted in black. This style of Hediao nut beads are a rarety today and were relatevely popular during Edwardian Europe era. The design of the beads was also imitated for pressed floral jewelry; after mourning a person, the flowers used int the religious services were collected and sent to craftsmen who pressed and glued the flowers into a solid synthetic material used for making jewelry and looking truly similar to this beads. Some of the necklaces done smelt like roses for long time and the material was regarded as wood even if it was just an artificial conglomerate. Pretty jewelry, and unique also.


The necklace is in very good antique condition with obvious signs of age and wear. Push clasp works properly. 


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    Five Star Review From Ohio USA
    Five Star Review From Ohio USA

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